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We are pleased to be able to offer some of our NPQH elective modules for you to access on a stand alone basis. To book a place on any of the modules please complete the registration form (dates for the this year 2016/17 are below)


The year we are offering the following modules:


Leading staff and effective teams - 9 February 2017 (at St Joseph's Catholic Academy, Hebburn)

This module will enable NPQH participants to know how to work with staff to establish and implement effective professional development that improves teaching and pupil attainment. Participants will be taught about delegation, talent development, succession planning and team work that is characterised by high expectations and collective responsibility for school improvement.

Through examining their own practice, along with relevant national and international research, participants will know how to lead and develop teams committed to sharing and improving their practice. Participants will be taught how leaders can develop high performing teams that will significantly improve teaching across the curriculum.

Closing the gap - 1 March 2017 (at St Joseph's Catholic Academy, Hebburn)

This module will teach NPQH participants how to close gaps in achievement and attainment that can occur across specific groups of pupils, particularly addressing the needs of disadvantaged pupils, including those entitled to free school meals. The module considers how to identify gaps, diagnose causes and address within-school variation (e.g. differences in performance by teachers with similar groups of pupils). Evidence drawn from research will be used to demonstrate which pupils perform least well nationally and why.

Using examples drawn from headship, participants will be taught about strategies for monitoring, evaluating, reviewing and improving pupil attainment, improving teacher performance and addressing within school variation. They will also learn how to make sure teachers work effectively together to narrow identified gaps.

Leading Change for Improvement- 10 Jan 2017 (St Joseph's Catholic Academy, Hebburn)

This module will teach NPQH participants the essential knowledge linked to leading change in order to achieve school improvement. Participants will review various case stories and accounts of practice to evaluate how leaders implement change for improvement and consider a range of approaches to leading change for improvement (including models from Michael Fullan, J Kotter, and G Bridge). Building on Michael Fullan's research work and using one of his analytical tools, participants will develop their own knowledge to help them lead change in their school when they take up headship.


Who can apply?

You should be highly motivated to be a headteacher.

By doing one of these modules you will gain exemptions (and discounts) for your NPQH programme.


What's involved?

The modules will be delivered across 1 full day, all sessions are scheduled to run from 9.30AM-5.30PM. You will also be expected to do some online learning. The total time commitment for each module is 50 hours (including module delivery)

Cost - The cost for each module is £350. If you go on to do your NPQH with NETSP you will then receive a £350 discount on the cost of your programme.

The programme will be delivered by the North East Teaching Schools' Partnership
NETSP consists of Teaching Schools from different parts of the region and Newcastle University. The Programme Co-ordinator is Rene Koglbauer , the Director of the North Leadership Centre at Newcastle University. (



NETSP is proud to be rated GOLD in leadership and management, and quality of provision by National College for Teaching and Leadership.

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