Cluster Model

Cluster model

Who is it for?

Our cluster model is suitable for schools, academies or teaching school alliances who have a large number of potential participants for one programme. So far, successful clusters of NPQML and NPQSL have been run within schools and academies, within teaching school alliances, and by groups of schools in the same area.

Can I run a cluster?

Any school, academy or teaching school alliance, which meets NETSP's recruitment criteria can run a cluster. You should have a minimum of two potential facilitators who will help deliver the sessions. We also recommend an administrative lead for the programmes, who will deal with recruitment and organising sessions.

Does it work?

To date over 300 participants from all over the region have accessed NPQML and NPQSL via our cluster model. This delivery model is especially effective for schools in rural areas, as it provides a valuable networking opportunity much closer to home.

NPQs Tailored to You

The cluster delivery model gives you access to NETSP's high quality programmes and support, while enabling you to personalise delivery to your own context. NETSP will train staff from your school to facilitate on the programmes. Our approach allows you to be confident in the quality of the programmes you are delivering, and builds capacity within your school.

We offer two models of delivery based on the number of facilitators you require us to provide. Both delivery models include the same level of support.

Model One

This is the model you will use if you are running a cluster for the first time. For this model, NETSP provides one facilitator who would support a facilitator from your school.

Model Two

Once you have sufficient experience, you may wish to use Model Two, with both facilitators coming from your organisation.

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Support from NETSP

Support and advice from the NETSP Team, and access to our resources and expertise

  • High Quality
  • SLN programme resources
  • Online Learning
  • Assessment Workshops
  • 360° Diagnostic Tool
  • NETSP Team advice

Cost and Convenience

Delivering sessions in your own venues saves both time and money

  • Save on Participant Fees
  • Create your own Timetable
  • Select your own Venue
  • Manage your own Budget

Benefits for Staff

Staff supporting the programme gain valuable professional development, free of charge

  • Facilitator Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Coaching Training
  • Experience Working with NETSP Facilitators