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The most common way people begin working with us is as part of a cluster arrangement. This involves running NETSP programmes within your organisation, which requires both facilitation and administrative work.

As an individual, there are a variety of roles that may suit you. Before beginning work with NETSP full training will be given.
If you would like to share your expertise with NETSP, the following roles are available:

  • Facilitator
  • Coach
  • QA Team Member
  • Assessor

We advertise and actively recruit for these roles at various times during the year. If we are not currently recruiting for a role you are interested in, you can still express an interest and you will be contacted when we next recruit.

Learn more about cluster arrangements 


Facilitators work in teams with participants on face-to-face days, helping them to explore content and develop their skills.

NETSP Facilitators lead the NPQ content delivery on the face-to-face days. The role involves reading and preparing prior to the face-to-face day, and facilitating discussions and activities on the day itself. The programme content for all our NPQs is written centrally, so facilitators are not expected to write the material or design the day's activities: we do, however, encourage them to adapt activities to suit their expertise and style. Facilitators need to have recognised school leadership experience, a commitment to their own and others' continuing professional development, and good interpersonal skills. They also need a clear understanding of the difference between training and facilitating.

Facilitators can choose which levels of NPQ they wish to work on, but must have relevant experience: thus for NPQH they must be or have been a head teacher. Once their application is accepted all facilitators must undergo training with NETSP: once trained they will receive invitations to facilitate and can make their availability known. This allows flexibility and the accommodation of other work. Remuneration is a fixed daily rate, paid either to the individual or to the individual's school depending on their employment circumstances.


Coaches work with participants one-to-one, providing support and challenge to help them reach their goals.

All NETSP NPQH participants are offered 5 hours of free coaching from an experienced coach. Coaches need to be experienced in using coaching methods, and experience of leading a school is preferred. NETSP coaches provide the opportunity for NPQH participants to explore their leadership development in a confidential and supportive setting, helping them to think through the issues they face in their own setting as well as their placement school, and encouraging them to resolve any problems or dilemmas they are experiencing.

Coaches can choose the number of coachees they wish to take on, and are paid a fixed hourly fee for each session.


Assessors are responsible for assessing participants' work in accordance with the standards required by the Department for Education.

NETSP assesses all portfolios for all levels of NPQ in our cohorts. Assessors need valid recent experience of assessing, and to be able to apply a mark scheme whilst using their own judgement. Successful applicants will be asked to attend training, and will then indicate the number and level of portfolios they are available to mark. Experience of headship will be required to assess NPQH portfolios. Assessors will need to meet NETSP deadlines and should take this into account when considering how many scripts they are able to assess. NETSP will pay a fixed fee per script, and assessment windows typically occur 4 times per year.

Quality Assurance Team Member

Members of the quality assurance team work together to ensure that all aspects of our programme meet our high standards.


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