National Professional Qualification

for Executive Leadership

Who is it for?

NPQEL is designed for those who are, or are aspiring to become, an executive headteacher or CEO of a Multi-Academy Trust with responsibility for leading across several schools.

If you are not sure about your suitability for the programme, please contact us and we will assist you.

You can express an interest in this programme by completing this online form. Once the application process is open we will contact you. Your application will be made directly to NETSP with no gateway process.

This programme requires 4 full days out of school plus a placement.

The price for participants from maintained schools will be confirmed soon.

We anticipate that the first cohort of this programme will begin in Spring 2019.

Express an interest in an Spring 2019 start 

Blended Learning

Our curriculum model incorporates a range of different types of study.

 Workplace Learning   NETSP Coach   Face-to-face CPD   Structured Reflection   Online Learning   360° Diagnostic Tool   High Quality Resources

Leadership Behaviours

We cover the leadership behaviours which set out how the best school leaders operate.

 Commitment   Personal Drive   Collaboration   Resilience   Awareness   Integrity   Respect 

Content Areas

We cover the content areas which set out what a school leader should know or be able to do.

 Strategy and Improvement   Teaching and Curriculum Excellence   Leading with Impact   Working in Partnership   Managing Resources and Risks   Increasing Capability 

Express an interest in an Spring 2019 start 


You will complete two projects for the assessment of NPQEL. You will produce a separate written account of each project as part of a single portfolio. This should cover the design, implementation and evaluation of the projects.

Once submitted, your work will be assessed against the DfE criteria for the award of NPQEL

Project 1

  • Design a sustainable business development strategy for your organisation, analysing the benefits, costs and risks of different options (for example, growth and stabilisation).
  • Present your chosen strategy to their governing board/board of trustees, record it, answer questions, and gather its feedback. The recording will also be submitted to NETSP.

Project 2

  • Lead a project to improve progress and attainment in several schools. The precise focus of the project should be negotiated and agreed with representatives of the relevant schools.
  • Present your plans to a group of relevant stakeholders (for example, the relevant governing boards, teachers and community representatives), record it, answer questions and gather their feedback.

We are currently exploring a flexible and credit based approach to developing your study into a recognised award from Newcastle University. This is under review but we will have further information in September 2017.

Placements and Coaching

For Project 2 you will undertake a placement in a school. NETSP can provide contacts to help you to arrange this, or you may select another school subject to our approval.

All NPQH participants are entitled to 5 hours' free coaching from a NETSP coach. Your NETSP coach will be . This facilitates critical reflection on and in practice and will encourage you to maintain a balance between theoretical understanding and practical expertise. Once we put you in touch, you can schedule your hours to suit you.

NETSP's face-to-face sessions, coaching, online learning platform and celebration events offer excellent networking opportunities for all aspiring leaders.


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